Visual Art Classes

Winnsboro Center for the Arts has an ongoing program of classes and workshops for both adults and children. All classes  are held at our Annex at 212 Market Street.

If you have ideas, would like a specific topic offered for a class or if you are an instructor who would like to offer a class here at WCA please contact us at 903-342-0686 or by email at

Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions for classroom expectations.

Upcoming Classes


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Stained Glass Class

With Katrina Smith

Saturdays, February 3 -24

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

212 Market St.

$375, All Supplies Included

Limited to 4 Participants

You’ve been asking for it and WCA is delivering! A Stained Glass class is coming to Winnsboro Center for the Arts! You will work with instructor Katrina Smith over four weeks on Saturdays, February 3 -24 to learn how to cut and assemble your own stained glass masterpiece! WCA will providing all the tools and the instructor will be supplying plates of stained glass. All you have to do is show up! We will be limiting this first class to four participants in order to make sure that there is enough space for everyone to work in a safe environment. Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver before taking part in this course. 

This class is sure to fill up fast so be sure to reserve your spot before they are all gone!

Wheel-Throwing Pottery Classes

With Georgia Gibson

Tuesdays, January 9 - February 13

Morning Class: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Afternoon Class: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

$375, Pottery Tool Kits for Sale

Bring in the new year with our popular Wheel-Throwing Pottery Class!

This class is a 6-week session that will introduce participants to the basics of wheel-thrown pottery. This includes learning how to wedge clay, centering on the wheel, throwing cylinders and bowls, trimming a finished piece, basic glazing techniques, and correct usage of kilns, tools and equipment. Each student will receive a 25-pound bag of clay and receive personal instruction in a small class size limited to 3 students. The class time period of three hours includes instructor demonstrations, student practice time, and clean-up time. A starter tool kit and a large shoe box for storage are required for each student. Tool kits are available for purchase at the art center annex building for $15.50.

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Our Instructors

Efton Edwards

Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor for All Levels

Board member Efton Edwards is currently teaching adult classes at the WCA Annex for beginners and experienced artists. Efton is a local artist who works and teaches in oil and acrylic. Efton also offers drawing classes.

Subject matter includes composition, color theory and art materials.

For more information or to sign up, call us at 903-342-0686


Nancy Beauchamp

Watercolor and Pastels for All Levels

Nancy Beauchamp, who currently lives in Winnsboro, graduated from Principia College with a degree in Fine Arts, Studio and Art History. She also participated in an Art Abroad course in Europe. Pastels are her medium of choice in landscapes, still life and animal portraits.  She teaches workshops and weekly classes in pastels and is a regular instructor at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. Nancy has been blessed with numerous awards in art competitions. 

For more information or to sign up,
call us at 903-342-0686.

Brenda Roberts

General Art & Clay

Brenda Roberts traces her professional art career back to over 50 years ago where she designed her new high school’s logo. Her second job – and the first one that paid – was designing and painting cheerleader megaphones for a rival school, but she claims that’s still a secret. 

She has worked in graphic arts, illustration, airbrush art, and exhibit design before settling into ceramics, arts education and art therapy. “I was led to do art and to ultimately teach. I once was an exhibit designer and education director for a major science museum where I worked with local school children and developed hands-on exhibits,” she said. “It’s communicating who you are to the general public – the same as writing or music or any other art. Creation became my way of not only expressing myself, but connecting and encouraging others.”

As a secondary public school art and home school teacher, Brenda spent years leading her students to find their own path to creativity while working extensively with special needs students. Watching a young person find a means of value and self-esteem through art has been her greatest reward. One of the most effective methods of nurturing that creativity has been through ceramics. Discovering the passion of working with clay was a major turning point in her own artistic journey as well. She says that the tactile feeling of clay and making pottery is healing for both young and old. 

“Take elements from the Earth, add a little water, let dry, glaze with pretty colors, heat up to around two-thousand degrees in temperature – each step becomes a transition of raw material into a ceramic work of art,” she said, “While working in clay we leave a part of ourselves in every piece. The feeling that our little clay pot will potentially carry our essence and DNA far into the future gives us a sense of perpetual interconnectedness to our fellow human beings. All art – no matter what the medium is – has the ability to bring joy, peace, and thought into the lives of those who both create and receive a work of art.”

Brenda has been involved with the Winnsboro Center for the Arts since 2010 as a volunteer and board member, previously serving as President and Exhibition Curator. She teaches children’s general art and clay classes at the art center and her home studio, as well as ceramic and acrylic painting workshops for adults. 

Georgia Gibson


Georgia Gibson was born and raised in South Dakota and graduated from S. Dakota State University with a degree in Fashion Retail. she did her internship in Dallas and never left. After a few years in retail, Georgia realized she chose the wrong career and found a new career, and her husband, at a corporation in Dallas. She later received her MBA with an accounting emphasis from Amber University. She left the company after 25 years in December of 2006. 

While working in Corporate America , Georgia pursued a passion she had from a high school art class of throwing clay on a wheel. She started taking night classes at a local community college in 1990 and continued until she moved to their home on Lake Cypress Springs in 2006.

Georgia now works in both fused glass and clay. Her love of color drew her to glass. There are so many beautiful colors available in glass. The materials and processes of clay and glass are similar and complimentary. In both mediums, Georgia likes making objects people will want to live with and use that will also add pleasure to their own surroundings. She love exploring textures and patterns in both clay and glass. In glass, this is accomplished through layering opaque, transparent and dichroic glass and using both full and tack fusing to obtain different levels of glass melt. In clay, this is done through texturing and carving in the clay, glazes and slips.