Bowery Players

Bowery Players

Winnsboro Center for the Arts is well known for its theater productions and strives to offer two or more productions each year.  Suite Surrender received exceptional reviews and was named “Best Play on the Upper East Side” in 2019 by County Line Magazine.

We are pleased to welcome Director Shelley Aubrey to Winnsboro Center for the Arts. Aubrey has exceptional experience in theater, having worked for ten years as Performance Director on “Barney and Friends,” as well as numerous roles with Dallas Summer Musicals and local community theaters. “Doublewide, Texas,” was her debut show as Performing Arts Director with WCA.



Thank you to everyone who made WCA’s production of Four Old Broads a success. Check back in for information on upcoming productions from The Bowery Players!

Past Performances

Four Old Broads by Leslie Kimbell

Directed by Shelley Aubrey

March 4-6; 11-13

Retired burlesque queen Beatrice Shelton desperately needs a vacation – and NOT another trip up to Helen, Georgia to see that “precious little German village for the umpteenth time.” A Sassy Seniors Cruise through the Caribbean may be just the ticket if she can just convince her best friend, Eaddy Mae Clayton, to stop praying and go with her. Unfortunately, things have not been very pleasant at Magnolia Place Assisted Living since Nurse Pat Jones began working there. The newest resident, Imogene Fletcher, is suddenly losing her memory. Maude Jenkins is obsessed with her favorite soap opera and planning her own funeral. Sam Smith, retired Elvis impersonator, keeps trying to bed every woman in the building. A mystery unfolds with laughter as the gals try to outsmart the evil Nurse Pat Jones and figure out why so many residents have been moved to “the dark side,” what exactly IS that mysterious pill, and what happened to Doctor Head? Hilarity ensues as Imogene goes undercover and Maude enters the Miss Magnolia Senior Citizen Pageant to throw Pat off their trail. If they can solve the mystery, they may make it to the cruise ship after all.

Beatrice Shelton-Sheila Brown
Eaddy Mae Clayton- Gale Gilbert
Imogene Fletcher- Sharon Whitrock
Pat- Leana McGuire
Maude Jenkins- Karen Snedecor
Sam Smith- Jim Dax
Ruby Sue Bennett- Pam Greenberg
Production Cast and Crew
Director- Shelley Aubrey
Stage Manage/Props/costumes -Jan Faiszt
Lighting and Sound- Tim Mitchiner
We would like to extend our gratitude for the following businesses for their generous help with our production:
BT Medical 
God’s Closet in Pittsburg Texas



The Bowery Players’ first production of 2021 was a success! With each show either selling out or approaching maximum capacity, “Doublewide, Texas” had a fantastic run! Thank you to all who joined us! If you unable to attend, enjoy some photos from our dress rehearsal below. 
We would like to thank Beaty Law for sponsoring this production. “Doublewide, Texas,” would not have been possible without your generous support!

2019 Past Performances

"Suite Surrender"

April 2019

A farce by Michael McKeever

It’s 1942, and two of Hollywood’s biggest divas have descended upon the luxurious Palm Beach Royale Hotel – assistants, luggage, and a legendary feud with one another in tow.  Everything seems to be in order for their wartime performance. That is, until they are somehow assigned to the same suite. Mistaken identities, overblown egos, double entendre, and a lap dog named Mr. Boodles round out this hilarious riot of a love note to the classic farces of the 30s and 40s.

Directed by Bob Hibbard.