Art Exhibits

2021 Art Exhibits

Winnsboro Center for the Arts hosts six to eight exhibits every year. These exhibits are a mix of solo shows, themed community shows, and include our annual men’s and women’s art exhibits as well as special guest exhibits. 

Women in the Arts Exhibit -August 7 – October 9

“Unraveled: The Threads That Connect” – October 16 – December 4

Men in the Arts Exhibit December 10 – January 29

Current Exhibit




10th Annual Women in the Arts Exhibit

August 7th - October 9th

Reception: August 8 at 2:30 PM

Winnsboro Center for the Arts is proud to present its 10th Annual Women in the Arts Exhibit. Come enjoy this diverse collection of works from local female artists. Featured works will include paintings, ceramics, jewelry, fabrics, and assemblage art.

A reception will be held Sunday, August 8th at 2:30PM. We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Exhibits

Unraveled: The Threads that Connect

October 16 - December 4

Reception: Sunday, October 17th at 2:30 PM

This exhibit presents figurative and abstract works which reflect our lived experiences, both current and historical, through the lens of women weaving, knotting, twining, plaiting, coiling, pleating, lashing and interlacing.

Featured Artists Kristie Smith, Valery Guignon, Brenda Buck and Phyllis Neal present visually striking original pieces which emphasize the artistic power behind a commonly overlooked medium such as fiber.

Past Exhibits

Winnsboro Center for the Arts is proud to present “Dreamscapes,” an exhibition that explores the places we visit while asleep and the places we aspire to be when awake. A wide range of expression is sure to stimulate your imagination and promises a fantastical journey through the surreal.
Come peruse this diverse collection of works from godly visions to fantasies and even nightmares. We hope to inspire you with the places to which you’ll be transported.
We will host a reception for this exhibit on Sunday, June 27th 
at 2:30 PM.
WCA was proud to present “Journey to Becoming,” Shirley Gordon’s first solo art exhibit. Shirley’s hard-to-define style features soulful figurative portraits and dynamic brushstrokes. Her work could be described as part of the spontaneous realism movement, yet Shirley uses more muted, softer, or subtler colors. Shirley says this about her work, “My approach to creating is very intuitive and loose. Although I may begin a painting with a reference or a quote in mind, my goal is to work without preconceived expectations, to paint fearlessly, to allow the pieces to emerge on their own, to reveal their stories, to convey emotion. I just keep painting, searching for the faces that are there… Others have told me my art is sad, soulful or mysterious.”

Art in the Gallery Student Art Competition Exhibit

Winnsboro Center for the Arts was proud to host the Student Art Competition Exhibit this year (formerly hosted by the Rains County Friends of the Library)! Special thanks to Lyn Baldwin and Mary Geisler for working so hard to transition the exhibit to the WCA. This gallery featured a diverse collection of works from aspiring young artists from around East Texas!



East Meets West

Winnsboro Center for the Arts is proud to present this stunning gallery featuring the works of artists Nancy Beauchamp and Bob Haydon. 


Nancy Beauchamp, who currently lives in Winnsboro, graduated from Principia College with a degree in Fine Arts, Studio and Art History. She also participated in an Art Abroad course in Europe. Pastels are her medium of choice in landscapes, still life’s and animal portraits.  She teaches workshops and weekly classes in pastels and is a regular instructor at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. Nancy has been blessed with numerous awards in art competitions. 

Bob Haydon graduated from SMU in 1968 with a BFA in Commercial Art and Painting. For the next 35 years he worked as an art director for a large book publisher and free-lanced as a designer and illustrator. Bob and his staff won 24 PIA industry awards for excellence in concept and design. At the same time he had paintings in a number of galleries in Dallas, Ft. Worth and elsewhere. His recent paintings have appeared in four galleries in East Texas.

8th Annual Men in the Arts Exhibit

The Winnsboro Center for the Arts is proud to present its 8th Annual Men in the Arts exhibit. This gallery of hand-selected, diverse works showcases the immense talents of East Texas Men. Pieces include paintings, photography, ceramics, hand-made jewelry, sculptures, metalwork, and even orgonite pyramids. This exhibition will be open from October 30th-December 15th.

Virtual Gallery Coming Soon!

9th Annual Women in the Arts

The Winnsboro Center for the Arts is proud to present its 9th Annual Women in the Arts exhibit. This gallery of hand-selected, diverse works showcases the immense talents of East Texas women. Pieces include paintings, photography, ceramics, hand-made jewelry, and a beautiful mosaic that is the product of the collective efforts of 24 artists. 

Tom Rice - Spikey Leaf with Frost

TEXTURE - A Photography Exhibit

Our hands are incredibly sensitive to texture. With our eyes closed, we can easily tell apart fine from coarse sandpaper, slick silk from soft cotton, wood from smooth plastic. With this exhibit, however, the photographer is challenged to make us visually feel the sensation of brushing across a surface. This exhibition will open July 10th and showcase the work of many local photographers.
Please stop by to view the variety of photographs from local photographers.
Lady in Hat by Laura Motley

Look At Me! - A Portrait Exhibit


This exhibition promises to provide a labyrinth of gazes that invite spectators to contemplate concepts of appearance and personality and the truths that lie within the faces that meet every day. It includes artists working in any media except photography.
Many of the pieces are offered for sale. If you are interested in purchasing art from the exhibition, please contact us at 903-342-0686.
When Beauty Speaks
Linda Lucas Hardy
The Joy of Finding is Often in the Looking

A Solo Exhibit by Linda Lucas Hardy

February 29 through April 11

In 2002, Linda Lucas Hardy made the decision to refer to herself as a professional artist. Since that decision her art, and/or articles, have been published in two dozen magazines and sixteen books. Her work has been juried into more than 80 national and international exhibitions and she’s won an equal number of awards and honors, many being Best of Show. She is an 18-year veteran of colored pencil instruction and has taught Oil Painting for the last 6 years. Linda has taught classes and workshops in 15 states and 2 countries to hundreds of students ages 8 to 88.

Before making the transition to oil in 2008, Linda spent 18 years working in colored pencil, which is where she garnered most of her notoriety. Linda eventually started experimenting with transparent glazes, much like layering in colored pencil, and became intrigued. Even though glazing is time consuming and takes considerable pre-planning, she prefers that to painting Alla Prima, a term meaning paintings done in one sitting.

Linda is a ten-year merit award recipient in the Colored Pencil Society of America, past President of CPSA 215, the Dallas/Ft Worth District Chapter and past President of CPSA 222, the Texarkana Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America. Linda is Signature member of the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society, a Signature member of the Irving Art Association and has been member of the Mt. Pleasant Texas Art Society over 30 years.

She is represented by Southwest Gallery, 4500 SIGMA at Welch – Dallas, Texas 75244 – 972.960.8935- 800.272.9910 and Davis & Blevins, The Main Street Gallery, 108 S Main, St. Jo TX 76265 – 904-995-2787 – 877-221-2158.

Linda currently lives in Omaha, TX with her husband of 47 years and their two dogs, Max & Toby.

Ceramic Box by Scott Simons
Abstract by Scott Simons


A Solo Exhibit by Scott Simons

January 11 through February 22

Reception January 11 from 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Growing up with an artist parent in an East Texas farming town, Scott Simons’ creative nature was nourished from a young age. Art classes started around the age of five and included private tutoring in watercolors and oils by middle school. Art studies in high school morphed into design studies in college, then morphed back into a painting practice in early adulthood.

The Exhibit will showcase both ceramic and canvases by Scott Simons

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