About The Art Center

The Heart of the Arts in The Winnsboro Cultural Arts District is YOUR Art Center

Our Mission :  To engage people in the arts through educational programming, cultural experiences and entertainment.

Our Vision :  To integrate the arts into community life.  We believe that participating in the arts promotes creativity, entrepreneurship, and spiritual well-being which are essential for community and economic vitality.   Our long-term goal is to insure a stable infrastructure and financial security for the organization.  As the “heart of the arts” in Winnsboro, we will continue to work with the city and associated organizations to develop Winnsboro as a desirable destination for residents and visitors alike

Our Awards

Every autumn a survey is put out to find the BEST of the Upper East Side of Texas in more than 50 categories. People all over the region send in their nominations and winners are selected. Visitors and residents alike use the list of winners to explore the best in the region each year.

Best Play

Best Live Music Venue

Best Live Music

2019 - "Best Play on the Upper East Side"

2016 - Best Of

2017 - Honorable Mention

2018 - Honorable Mention

2017 - Best Of

2018 - Honorable Mention

In the News

YOLO (You Only LIve Once) is a traveling show about entertainment, food and things to do across the great state of Texas.

Winnsboro was discovered by YOLO and made a trip in February,2018 to film some of the highlights of Winnsboro.  The episode highlights the Cultural Arts District, Winnnsboro Center for the Arts, Culture Club Gallery, Copperleaf, Thee Hubbell House, Bent Pine Galleries and more. Please watch and share with your friends.

The WCA Team

Board Members

  • Mary White - President
  • Efton Edwards - Vice President
  • Cyndie Ewert - Secretary
  • Dana Bundick - Treasurer
  • Penny Boice
  • Jacob Finley
  • Lori Forsyth
  • Gale Gilbert
  • Shiela Haynes
  • Barbara Hums
  • Aliana Miller
  • Ben Morris
  • Valiant Vetter


  • Tonia Nix - Director
  • Matthew Mahaffey - Office Manager

Volunteer Staff

  • Jim Willis - Bowery Stage Director
  • Marilyn Arnaud - Gallery Gift Shop Manager

Advisory Council

  • Ted Beaty - Chair
  • Jack Ainsworth
  • Linda Ainsworth
  • Cora Beaty
  • Cele Carpenter
  • Cheryl Estes
  • Mary Geisler
  • Ted Haynes
  • Becky Hibbard
  • Bob Hibbard
  • Karon Holmes
  • Tracy Hopkins
  • Michael Monk
  • Sharla Rocka
  • Janice Schma
  • Beth Shockey
  • Roy Shockey
  • Scott Simons
  • Mary Spencer
  • Diane Wilson

Capital Campaign Committee

  • Mary White - Chair
  • Cora Beaty
  • Ted Beaty
  • Cele Carpenter
  • Shiela Haynes
  • Ted Haynes
  • Joanna Horton
  • Tonia Nix
  • Brad Scharf
  • Janice Schma
  • Mary Spencer
  • Pam Swanner

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